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    App Giveaway: i Miss Mommy

    The creator of i Miss Mommy is giving away Free copies of their app! Grab one now! **ALL CODES TAKEN!**

    i Miss Mommy

    Your children get homesick when visiting grandparents? Do they miss you when you are gone? With “i Miss Mommy” they can have a “Video Call” (Simulation only) with you anytime they wish! Simply Record a “Call”. You just have to name the file, place it in one of 3 categories (1 when your child simply misses you, 1 for when they are acting out and need to be talked to by a parent, and 1 when they did something good and need your recognition). Then mark the video to show who you are (Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle, Aunt, Cousin, Brother, and Sister), and record away with the Front Facing Camera (iPhone 4/4S, iPad 2/new iPad, or iPod Touch 4th Gen or higher required). There are 3 buttons for each category. When you record to the selected category, the app sorts the videos into those categories for you!

    Now for the fun! Simply pick a category, select a call, and the “phone” rings! Click the Answer button, and a view in the corner will show the child, while the video you recorded takes up the majority of the screen, and simulates a real vieo call! Even better, their reaction will be recorded with the front facing camera! You can show this to your spouse in the app, or share with everyone else via Facebook or Email.

    Now, when you go to work, or leave your children with grandparents, just record some videos on their app, and they can have “video calls” with you while you are gone!

    What’s New in Version 1.5

    * More family members! Calls from aunt, uncle, cousin, brother, and sister now included!
    * Set images for family members. Images will show when calls come in to eve more resemble a phone call.
    * Option to record reactions. You can now go to settings and turn recording on or off. Whatever your child does when the video is playing will be recorded, with audio.
    * Recorded reactions can be played in app, saved to camera roll, uploaded to facebook, or emailed.
    * Recording calls will now let you record with the iPhone camera, or import a video from the Camera Roll. Now, a parent can message you a video, and after you save it to the Camera Roll, you may use it in the app.
    * Bug fixes and graphic improvements.

    Tyler has provided the readers of iHeartThisApp with 15 promo codes! Grab a copy of their app now!


    i Miss MommyScreenshot1i Miss MommyScreenshot2i Miss MommyScreenshot3i Miss MommyScreenshot4

    Grab the Codes Now!

    #1 – http://redeem-now.com/7N3WNE74KF6W
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    #10 – http://redeem-now.com/3LH49FTJR37A
    #11 – http://redeem-now.com/M7WHRRLMEAAA
    #12 – http://redeem-now.com/A9P3AMWEKJMK
    #13 – http://redeem-now.com/JXTYAY7REAPP
    #14 – http://redeem-now.com/HN77EHMEE6LX
    #15 – http://redeem-now.com/EWWX6NKYWPP3

    Just click on the links to redeem! Please tell us the # of the code you took for easy reference! Thanks! Please also check out iHeartThisApp’s Facebook page as some users prefer to leave their comments about used codes there.

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