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    App Giveaway: Math Play Shop

    The creator of Math Play Shop is giving away Free copies of their app! Grab one now! **ALL CODES TAKEN!**

    Math Play Shop

    A Math Shopping game to teach kids about the value of a Dollar!

    With this game kids will have 2 game types, free shopping and shop to a budget.

    Kids are asked to add items to the basket thinking how much each item costs.
    At the checkout they will have to add up the value of the goods they bought. There is a elp function available to assist in showing the math with voice should they get stuck.

    They can also be given a budget and have to buy items from the Play shop atching the budget.

    It’s a easy and fun way to build confidence in your children about shopping and money whilst helping them to make decisions about budgets.

    Paul has provided the readers of iHeartThisApp with 20 promo codes! Grab a copy of their app now!


    Math Play ShopScreenshot1Math Play ShopScreenshot2Math Play ShopScreenshot3Math Play ShopScreenshot4

    Grab the Codes Now!

    #1 – http://redeem-now.com/KFE4KPR3EJY9
    #2 – http://redeem-now.com/WPHK63KWHR7J
    #3 – http://redeem-now.com/76N6MKXX4697
    #4 – http://redeem-now.com/34H9K7P3TJEW
    #5 – http://redeem-now.com/69EE4WHPFKMX
    #6 – http://redeem-now.com/HLRP36F4TNF9
    #7 – http://redeem-now.com/RYA9PJL9MLHJ
    #8 – http://redeem-now.com/NMN4JE4YJ9WA
    #9 – http://redeem-now.com/AAMPWP7FRHJH
    #10 – http://redeem-now.com/FRRTY9YW9PKK
    #11 – http://redeem-now.com/WA3FFM9LEHK6
    #12 – http://redeem-now.com/TEXRMXANFRXJ
    #13 – http://redeem-now.com/FRLP77R4YFEN
    #14 – http://redeem-now.com/NMTMETKNN9KE
    #15 – http://redeem-now.com/J4XEN3HETHW3
    #16 – http://redeem-now.com/EPMW3MKP39J3
    #17 – http://redeem-now.com/NYPMLXMMXWPR
    #18 – http://redeem-now.com/JR4WKPHMWMJT
    #19 – http://redeem-now.com/XHWJMLRPTXNE
    #20 – http://redeem-now.com/Y9MFRPHTNRA9

    Just click on the links to redeem! Please tell us the # of the code you took for easy reference! Thanks! Please also check out iHeartThisApp’s Facebook page as some users prefer to leave their comments about used codes there.

    iHeart Math Play Shop Now!

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