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Pick a Pair – Card games for children

Vocabulary acquisition is a crucial stage of every child’s development. Give your child a little helping hand with Pick A Pair – the fun way to learn words!


Match up one half of th…


10 fingers +

- Editor’s Choice Award 2014 for Excellence in Design – Children’s Technology Review
- 5 stars by theiphonemom : « I thought that by using multitouch, kids could really get a hands-on experience that would help th…


Petites Choses

*** Introductory offer: enjoy! ***

“Petites Choses” is a game for 2 year old kids. They explore a poetic world with original mini-games, searching for keys that will release a small bird from its cage.



Touch-Animals offers a visual-based approach to help children who are at the first stage of learning to talk and to read and to recognize simple drawings of animals.


Number Bonds to 100

EVERY child needs to know the basic number bonds which lie at the heart of all mental arithmetic. This app gives you a challenge in a fun way.


Numerics – Mental Math Training

Student enrolled in math classes? Have a job that requires the use of math? Simply someone with a love for mathematics? Numerics is for you to make Your Brain Better.


Swingy Thingy (No Ads)

Swing the hammer! Destroy the triangles to protect your house and increase your health!


Toddler Sound Match

What animal roars? Which animal clucks??

Your child will be having fun as they listen and match the animals as they cluck, roar, squeak, squeal…


Calculate with Curly Leni

Calculating with Curly Leni!
The app is designed for children who want to learn the math.
Likewise, it serves children of Class 1 for a better understanding of addition, subtraction, and word problems.


1000 Books Before Kindergarten

The concept is simple, the rewards are priceless. Read a book (any book) to your newborn, infant, and/or toddler.