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Big Book of "Why?"

Why do cats always land on their feet? Why is the sky blue? Who was Christopher Columbus?

It’s been said that kids ask thousands of questions when they’re 4.


Rattlebone Rock

Get grooving at the graveyard with Rattlebone Rock! With rythmic, rhyming text and spooky sounds this story is sure to delight young kids.


2nd Grade Academic Vocabulary # 3 for homeschool and classroom

2nd Grade ELA #3 is the third in the series of apps that cover “Words” that a 2nd grader needs to know. In this app, words, their meaning, and example sentences are presented.


Skoo Crew

An addictively fun scooting game for kids, with an educational twist. Learn and practice core maths skills in Skoo School, then help the Skoo Crew speed through 3 imaginative lands on their super cool scooters avoiding…


FishLand Adventures

An beautiful animated underwater adventure for your kids

Developed for ages 5 and under, Fishland offers a mysterious and exciting underwater adventure as kids help a happy little fish named Merry find his w…


Verbs from I Can Do Apps

Verbs from I Can Do Apps is a tool designed to work on the understanding and use of action words as well as build grammar / syntax skills.


Who is the Ugliest of All?

Do you like what you see, when you look into a mirror?

This Halloween inspired story follows a girl with questionable fashion choices, who embraces her increasingly odd imperfections and has a surprise endin…


Scribbaloo Train

Scribbaloo Train is a beautiful interactive picture book for toddlers and preschoolers, with happy music, sounds, fun animations and simple to use interactions.


Hamm – The Picnic – a beautiful multicultural children story

Meet Ake, Bori, Dragan, Estrella, Filip, Kala, Nadia, Peter and Tobias – nine children from eight countries, going to the same school together.



Educational Game Moooo will help your kid learn sounds of animals fast and joyfully.
You’ll find a lot of animal sounds with animals photos in categories: Home, Farm, Safari, Forest.